"Investment attractiveness of the regions of Ukraine" - new study of APK-Inform Agency




APK-Inform Agency announces about the release of the new study "Investment attractiveness of the regions of Ukraine. Profitability of the major crops growing", which is the updated version of the study conducted in 2012.

The study includes the analysis of development of the plant growing industry, with the focus on production of the major grain crops (wheat, barley, maize) and oilseeds (sunflower seed, soybeans, rapeseed) in Ukraine as a whole, and by regions of cultivation. Besides, there is included the comprehensive analysis of the current condition of the livestock industry, which determines the trends in the livestock industry, and its by-products.

In addition, the study shows ratings of the companies with the certain volumes and shares of the market: processors of grain and oilseed crops, and livestock commodities.

Also, the study analyses the current condition of the infrastructure in the regions, including the general capacity, the number and geographical location of granaries with reference to the volumes of agricultural production, and provides the characteristic of the transport infrastructure in the regions.

Based on the analyzed information there is made SWOT-analysis of the development of regions, and built the rating of the most investment attractive regions of the country for agribusiness doing.

You can become acquainted with more detailed information on purchasing of the study from the marketing department of APK-Inform: + 38 0562 32 15 95 (ext. 115), [email protected]