Ukraine: by 2025, maize production may rise by 40% - APK-Inform Agency




According to estimations by analysts of APK-Inform Agency, in 2025 the annual production volumes of maize in Ukraine may reach 36.8 mln tonnes, an increase of 61% compared with the record volumes of the harvest in 2011 (22.3 mln tonnes), and up 40% compared with the index forecasted for 2013 (26.2 mln tonnes).

But it should be noted that the planted areas under maize in the country almost reached the maximum possible expedient sizes, and the further changes will be quite negligible.

Thus, increasing of the grain production will be possible by increasing its yield and reducing the share of grain losses. Therefore, according to experts, increasing of the maize yield in Ukraine by 2025 is expected to reach 26% - to 7.51 t/ha, against 5.95 t/ha forecasted for the harvest-2013. At the same time, the harvested areas may reach 4 9 mln ha, as opposed to 4.4 mln ha forecasted for 2013.

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