Ukrainian maize - growing export potential and new opportunities for domestic processing




To date, maize in Ukraine is mainly the export-oriented crop, which provides more than 60% of the total supply for exports on foreign markets. At the same time, the grain is the raw material for a wide range of products used in the food and other industries. The list of the main by-products of maize includes groats, snack products, flour, oil, starch and its derivatives, ethanol and feed commodities.

Starch production is one of the main directions of maize processing both in Ukraine and the world. The share of maize raw materials in the global starch production reaches 75%. The domestic production of starch totaled 60.9 thsd tonnes in 2012. Maltose is one of the main starch derivatives produced in Ukraine. The average annual production of the commodity in the country is estimated at 40.1 thsd tonnes.

Production of basic food commodities from maize is marked by increasing of groats output to 98.2 thsd tonnes in 2011, the average annual production of flour at the level of 14.8 thsd tonnes, and the average annual production of maize oil - 10.2 thsd tonnes.

The increase of maize domestic processing in Ukraine is one of the important directions for its effective realization in terms of possible difficulties with the export supplies, due to the global market conditions and the market infrastructure.

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