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APK-Inform in appreciation of our clients interest to our periodicals proposes full package subscription including daily prices+ AgriMarket weekly Report+AgriMonth:grains (Russia-Ukraine-CIS) with 20% discount. Let our e-magazines be your bridge to access the Black Sea grain markets!

- Daily prices (FOB, CIS, news, market talks). The appendix is e-mailed to subscribers daily from Monday till Friday at 6.30 PM (Ukrainian time).

- Agrimarket Weekly provides top quality information about the Black Sea market of oilseeds, veg oils and grains. In 2011 the updated version of the magazine was presented to subscribers. Since then, Agrimarket Weekly covers not only Ukrainian and Russian, but also Kazakh and Bulgarian markets.

Agrimarket Weekly contains:
  • Agrinews (Russia, Ukraine and the CIS)

  • Grain markers reports (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan)

  • Oilseed markers reports (Russia, Ukraine)

  • Foreign trade, Port shipments

  • Analysis (crop balances, forecasts)

  • Offers and bids

  • Comparative price data

- AgriMonth: grains provides top-quality information for the previous month about the Black Sea market of grains and covers not only Ukrainian and Russian, but also Kazakh and Bulgarian markets.

AgriMonth: grains contains:
  •  TOP-10 market news (Russia, Ukraine and the CIS)
  • World and CIS wheat and by-products comparative monthly prices
  •  Port shipments of agricultural commodities
  •  Analysis of APK-Inform (crop balances, forecasts)
  •  Statistics – Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan
  •  Extracts from the last published studies of the agenc        

         +  Maps and Infographics in  every issue!

The important update of the magazine is a map of shipments of grains from the Ukrainian ports (made in infographics)

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Pogrebnyak Maria
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Olga Bereza
+380 562 320795, (multichannel) (ext.119)
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