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April 3 2014, 11:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 3595

Russian agrarians prefer planting pea seeds of domestic origin

According to the polling realized by experts of APK-Inform Agency, to date the majority of Russian agrarians producing peas, prefer using the seeds of domestic selection. Thus, 63% of agrarians specializing in peas growing, prefer using the domestic seeds, another 34% of agrarians purchase import seed varieties.

The polling informed that in 2013 the crop variety of Madonna was the most popular one among other peas varieties. 17% of the respondents preferred using the crop variety. Also, the variety of Altayskiy usaty was quite popular, used by 11% of the polled agricultural producers. And the crop varieties of Gubernator, Stabil and Fokor occupied the third position with almost equal shares (9% each).

In order to specify the preferences of agricultural producers in choosing the seeds selection, there were polled agricultural producers engaged in cultivation of peas in 10 key oblasts (Krais) of the Russian Federation, which cover more than half of the general harvest of peas in the country. The polling data are presented in detail in the study "Market of major legumes in Ukraine and Russia".

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