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April 17 2014, 10:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 3232

Ukraine: ports of Odessa oblast are ready to export Crimean cargoes

Iljichyovsk, Odessa and the Southern commercial seaports are ready to receive the grain cargoes, previously shipped on the foreign markets by the Crimean ports, declared the Head of the Department of the International Relations, European Integration and Logistics of the State Enterprise «Ukrainian Sea Trade Authority», Vitaly Romanchenko on April 15, 2014.

According to V.Romanchenko, the Iljichyovsk port plans to increase its grains and legumes handling capacity by nearly 12 mln tonnes, the Southern port – by 21 mln tonnes, Odessa – by 5 mln tonnes. He added that the cargoes replacement not to influence on the grain traders. They are able to use other Ukrainian ports.


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