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April 23 2014, 12:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 4055

Ukraine mainly exports basic grains on CPT and FOB terms - APK-Inform

According to the analysis of export supplies of basic grains from Ukraine in 2012/13 MY, conducted by analysts of APK-Inform Agency, traders prefer selling the main volumes of wheat and maize on CPT (delivery to the Ukrainian ports) and FOB terms.

So, last season 64% of the exported wheat volumes (4.4 mln tonnes) were sold on CPT terms, and 31% (2.1 mln tonnes) - on FOB terms. In the reporting period CPT delivery terms dominated in the export structure of maize - nearly 50% of the grain exports, or 6.4 mln tonnes. In 2012/13 MY the grain export volumes on FOB basis reached 4.8 mln tonnes, or 38% of the export structure of Ukrainian maize.

As for the supply of maize by the major port zones of Ukraine, the sea terminals Odessa oblast realize grain shipment mainly on CPT basis, and the terminals of Nikolayev oblast - FOB. In particular, in 2012/13 MY the terminals of Odessa oblast exported 1.79 mln tonnes of maize on CPT terms, and 0.95 mln tonnes - on FOB terms. Therefore, the terminals of Illichivsk exported 0.72 mln tonnes of the grain and 0.65 mln tonnes on the same terms respectively, and the terminals of Yuzhny port - 2.13 mln tonnes and 0.72 mln tonnes, respectively. In terms of maize exports through the terminals of Nikolayev oblast the ratio totaled 1.95 mln tonnes on FOB basis, and 1.54 mln tonnes on CPT terms.

You can receive more detailed information about the features of export trading with Ukrainian maize and other agricultural crops in the study "Grain exports from Ukraine: from СРТ to FOB & CIF", prepared by experts of APK-Inform Agency and International Law Firm InterLegal.


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