Reduction of the EU import quotas to change the export structure of Ukrainian fat-and-oil products



Reduction or complete cancellation of the import quotas by the European Union will allow expanding trade and economic relations with Ukraine, and changing of the export structure of domestic fat-and-oil commodities from the country, declared Stepan Kapshuk, General Director of the association Ukroliyaprom, on March 5 at the press-conference "Oilseed market: prospects for development in the second half of the season, forecast for the harvest-2014".

He said such actions will allow to Ukraine to increase the supply of products with high added value on the European market - packed refined sunflower oil, margarines and fats for special purposes.

As for imposition of autonomous trade preferences for Ukraine by the EU, S.Kapshuk noted that trading of fat-and-oil commodities will provide more than 50% of the forecasted additional revenue from the provided preferences for domestic agricultural commodities at the general level of 300 mln EUR.

He stressed that the fat-and-oil industry of Ukraine is ready to supply food commodities to the EU in line with the European qualitative standards.