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May 29 2014, 12:50 Source: APK-Inform Views: 4357

Ukraine: using of modern technologies in grain production may reduce dependence on weather conditions

Using of modern technologies in the production of grains in Ukraine may substantially reduce the current dependence on weather conditions which affect both the yield and qualitative indices of grains, declared Nikolai Gorbachev, Director of New World Grain Ukraine LLC, on May 29 at the press-conference "Grain market of Ukraine: problems and solutions. Forecasts of grain production and exports in 2014/15 MY".

In particular, he noted that it is difficult to forecast weather in Ukraine, and therefore the forecasts of grain harvest in 2014/15 MY were reduced. Thus, wheat production is expected at the  level of 19-20 mln tonnes, maize - 25 mln tonnes, barley - 7 mln tonnes, which is slightly lower compared with the grain harvest in 2013/14 MY.

According to N.Gorbachev, the level of grain consumption on the domestic market remains almost unchanged, and the export potential of grains from Ukraine in 2014/15 MY will be at the level of the current season.


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