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June 19 2014, 13:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 4269

Kazakhstan to increase planted areas of agricultural crops

The planting campaign in Kazakhstan is almost completed. At the same time, the weather conditions, which were established in the country, carry hopes to receive good sprouts and high quality harvest. Despite all difficulties, the planted areas did not reduce in the current year. Quite stable financial assistance from the Government largely influenced the situation.

According to preliminary data of the oblast departments of agriculture, in the current year agrarians plan to plant agricultural crops throughout the areas of 21.8 mln ha, an increase of 313 thsd ha (or 1.5%) compared with 2013. The planted areas of spring crops will total 19 mln ha.

Grain crops planted areas will occupy 15.9 mln ha, including 12.8 mln ha of wheat, down 319 thsd ha compared with the level of 2013 (down 2.5%). The planted areas of maize grain will increase by 7.2 thsd ha, the areas under feed grains, groats and pulses - up 303.5 thsd ha. The planted areas of oilseeds will reach 2 mln ha, up 36 thsd ha compared with last year, forage crops - 3.4 mln ha (up 277 thsd ha).

Saparkhan Omarov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, kindly agreed to inform readers of AGRIMARKET WEEKLY what programs of the financial support of agriculture work in the current year, and what preliminary plans for the field works the Government of Kazakhstan has.

You can receive more detailed information on the spring crops planting works in Kazakhstan from the new article "Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan - plans and prospects" in the issue of AGRIMARKET WEEKLY #25 dd. June 23, 2014.


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