In 2014/15 MY, Russia occupied the 6th position on the world export market of soybean oil




According to APK-Inform analysts, in the short-term outlook Russia will continue showing stable interest in cultivation of soybeans.

In addition, due to expansion of the domestic processing capacities of the reporting oilseed, during several recent years Russia significantly increased the export volumes of soybean oil. So, if before 2007/08 MY the oilseed exports did not exceed 12 thsd tonnes per year, then in 2013/14 MY the index increased to 331.7 thsd tonnes.

The experts estimated the commodity export volumes from the Russian Federation in 2014/15 MY at the level of 400 thsd tonnes, or 4% of the general global trade with the commodity, which allowed to Russia to occupy the 6th position in the rating of countries-exporters of soybean oil.

You can receive more detailed information about the current condition and prospects of the soybean market segment of the Russian Federation from the study of APK-Inform Agency "Market of soybeans and by-products in Russia: condition and prospects”.

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