Ukraine: grain export volumes continue growing




To date, the exports of agricultural products from Ukraine, in particular the exports of grain cargoes, became almost the single direction of foreign economic activity of the country, which shows the positive dynamics. Moreover, there are all signs for continuation of the upward trend in the market segment in the future.

In terms of the expected growth of export volumes of Ukrainian grain cargoes, it is useful to analyze the current market trends, and estimate the prospects of further development of the segment, including export infrastructure.

The new study of APK-Inform Agency "Exports of grain cargoes from Ukraine" analyzes the export segment of five major agricultural crops - wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed and soybeans, which are highly export-oriented ones. In 2014, the reporting crop volumes covered nearly 87% of the general export supplies of Ukrainian grain cargoes, including its by-products.

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