The ambitious Allseeds Black Sea: Going forward!





The Allseeds Black Sea flag says – Going forward!

The company team explains this motto as being in advance, not giving up and staying strong in the pursuit of your goals!

And much is achieved since the company "reincarnated" in 2010.

The evidence of this is a grand opening of an oil-extracting plant on July 16, 2015, in Yuzhny port, Odessa - a modern enterprise designed and provided with up-to-date equipment, and built in just 18 months, involving Oleksiy Pavlenko, Minister of Agrarian Policy, and Mikheil Saakashvili, Governer of Odessa oblast.

The Minister mentioned that opening of the enterprise brings new jobs, local development, social financing of Odessa oblast, as well as investing in high-tech oil-extracting branch, which is strategically essential for national agricultural sector.

A fact that it took place in the middle of rather severe political and economic crisis inside the country, which escalated into a war, occupation and annexation of its territory speaks for itself.

Not so much about the enterprise itself being a technological phenomenon as its owners – incorrigible optimists and real enthusiasts and investors.

It is rather difficult to find 200 mln USD for investment in Ukraine today in such conditions, if you are not a member to a transnational monster.

As triumphantly as only he could have done, Vyacheslav Petrysche came back to the oil-crushing industry, having strengthened his positions and influence on the oilseeds market of Ukraine with launching oil-extraction plant.

And even today Allseeds Black Sea claims its 10% of sunflower seed market and 20% of sunflower oil exports from Ukraine!

Two months of test run mode passed since the founding date of the plant with rated capacity of 2400 tonnes per day, and having filled up the stock it proceeded to exploitation of the estimated capacity with sunflower seed of the harvest-2015.

In the last few days the plant reached rated capacity, processing up to 1500 tonnes of raw stock per 24 hours in round-the-clock mode, as well as producing high-quality sunflower oil by Allseeds Black Sea.

Coming back to ambitions of "blacksea oilers". They are entirely consistent with the needs of Ukraine, "agricultural tiger", a common name to all rapidly developing economies. And who feel restrained in "logistic cage" virtually designed by the last century example.

These pro-Ukrainian ambitions of V.Petrysche and Co. strike imagination, especially now, in a tough war time.

But they are as solid as the plant they have built – extension of the factory by 2400 tonnes per day, building of a separate soybean plant with capacity of 5000 tonnes per day, berths, extension of warehouse and bin household, which will cost twice an amount of 200 mln USD. And bring up to 5000 jobs!

"But all that will come after we get the berth! At first regional state administration gives us the place for building a berth and then we move forward as planned", - said V.Petrysche, explaining, that for proceeding with extension of capacities they need a private grain export terminal with one-time capacity of 500 thsd tonnes – for shipping sunflower and soybean extraction cake and possibly grain crops.

"Owing to the Minister Pyvovarsky we already got positions for two berths from Seaport Administration, but we still have not got the promised approval for developing allocation of water resource lands from Odessa state administration", - the investor complains. So we are waiting!

And right there he recalls his corporate motto – Going forward!


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