In 2015/16 MY, Ukraine strengthened its positions on the global export market of barley




Despite some decline in barley production, in 2015/16 MY Ukraine moved from the 4th to 3rd position in the rating of global exporters, and supplied 4.3 mln tonnes of the grain on foreign markets.

Traditionally, in the current season the EU countries and Australia are the main competitors of Ukraine on the global market. At the same time, Russia lost its previous position and moved to the 4th place.

Also, it is noted that in 2015/16 MY Argentina provided competition to Ukraine in the reporting market segment. Due to cancellation of 20% export duties for the grain, the country managed to supply 2.5 mln tonnes of barley on the global market, up 1.5 times compared with last year.

You can receive more detailed information about the main trends and developments of the Ukrainian export market of feed barley from the article "Ukrainian export market of barley - growth against all odds" at the magazine Agrimarket Weekly #24 dd. June 20, 2016.