Grains - the main driver of development of agricultural products export from Ukraine




In terms of the current economic and industrial stagnation, the export volumes of agricultural products become almost single indicator, which demonstrates the positive dynamics. So, during 10 recent years grain exports from Ukraine increased in 3.3 times, and reached 37.6 mln tonnes in 2015. The export volumes of oilseeds increased in 3.7 times, and in absolute terms its exports reached 3.8 mln tonnes. The exports of grain and oilseed by-products increased in 2.8 times, and reached 4.9 mln tonnes in 2015. Therefore, the general exports of the above mentioned products demonstrated the growth of 3.6 mln tonnes per year, and in 2015 the joint index reached its record - 46.3 mln tonnes.

Thus, grains formed the share of over 81% of the supplies of agricultural products in 2015, and became the key driver of exports development in the market segment.

You can become acquainted with more detailed information about the main trends in grain exports from Ukraine, and prospects for development of the transhipment capacities, in the new study "Exports of grain cargoes from Ukraine", prepared by APK-Inform analysts.

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