Ukraine decreased corn oil production during 5 recent years – study




Despite the systematic increasing in corn production volumes in Ukraine, the tendency of corn oil production mainly showed downward dynamics. According to the statistics figures, in 2015 Ukraine produced 7.97 thsd tonnes of the commodity, down 35% compared with the index in 2011 (12.26 thsd tonnes). It should be noted that the reporting market segment is quite monopolized. Only one company from Dnipropetrovsk oblast produces 95-97% of the general volumes of crude corn oil and almost the whole volumes of refined oil.

In terms of low competition rates, the current situation would contribute to further putting into operation of new enterprises for corn deep processing. Taking into account the considerable surplus of raw materials, new enterprises will provide sufficient volumes of value-added corn by-products for both domestic and foreign markets.

You can receive more detailed information about the prospects of corn deep processing in Ukraine from the new multi-client study "Options & prospects of corn deep processing in Ukraine", prepared by APK-Inform analysts.

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