In the current season, Russia to increase rapeseed exports




In terms of reduction of the global production of rapeseed, in 2016/17 MY the exports of Russian rapeseed can grow to 45 thsd tonnes, an increase of 73.8% compared with last season, declared APK-Inform analysts.

At the same time, in August-November of 2016/17 MY the export volumes from the country already totaled more than 42.1 thsd tonnes, up 59% compared with the same period in the season-2015/16.

Also, in the current season Russia will increase the production volumes of rapeseed oil to 365.8 thsd tonnes, against 364 thsd tonnes in 2015/16 MY, which will rise the indices of domestic consumption to 140 thsd tonnes, and exports - to 230 thsd tonnes.

As for rapeseed meal/cake, in terms of the increased interest from domestic consumers, Russia will increase the domestic consumption to 350 thsd tonnes (up 1.4%). Therefore, in 2016/17 MY the exports of rapeseed meal/cake will reduce to 175 thsd tonnes, as opposed to 180 thsd tonnes last season.

You can receive more detailed information about the current conditions of rapeseed market in Russia from the topic "Russian market of rapeseed in 2016/17 MY" in the weekly issue Agrimarket Weekly #5 dd. February 6, 2017.