Capacity of grain terminals in the seaports of Odessa oblast to increase by 50 mln tonnes per year - APK-Inform




In 2017, the general capacity of the seaport grain terminals in Ukraine totals nearly 60.7 mln tonnes, an increase of 50% compared with the real transshipment volumes of grains (nearly 40 mln tonnes per year), which impacts on increasing of competition rates in the segment.

At the same time, the port infrastructure is a very investment-attractive segment, as indicated by the announced plans for development of grain shipment capacities. In the coming years, the growth of shipment capacities of grain terminals for three seaports of Odessa oblast only is estimated at more than 50 mln tonnes per year. In particular, SE Odessa Commercial Sea Port will increase the capacities of its terminals by over 5 mln tonnes per year, Commercial Sea Port of Chernomorsk - up 12 mln tonnes, and Sea Commercial Port of Yuzhny - up over 34 mln tonnes.

But taking into account rather high competition rates, some projects will not be realized. Because their realization requires the further improvement of the adjoined infrastructure (railways and highways), which have low development rates to date.

You can become acquainted with more detailed plans for development of the port infrastructure, as well as trends in the export of Ukrainian agricultural products, from the updated multi-client study "Exports of grain cargoes from Ukraine -2017", prepared by APK-Inform experts.

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Ekaterina Panasenko, Marketing department at APK-Inform Agency