On November 29, the international conference Qazaq Organic Food to be held in Kazakhstan



On November 29, the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, will become the center of meetings of experts and producers of organic agricultural products — the international conference "Qazaq Organic Food", to be held in Radisson Hotel Astana.

APK-Inform Agency, AgroIndustria KZ, Organic Standard Ltd and Agroecology PE are the organizers of the event. Also, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Atameken and the United Nations Development Programme provide its support to the event.

Certified organic production is the modern trend, which is becoming more and more popular in the world, and Kazakhstan is not an exception. The growing demand of European consumers contributes to development of organic goods production in Kazakhstan, but the volumes of produced and exported goods are rather small-scale, because Kazakh agricultural producers still have the pending issue — whether it is real to grow organic grains and receive high income?

Thus, the organizers of the conference give the opportunity to participants to learn the answer from skilled specialists in the sphere of organic goods production.

In particular, the experts will focus on the following issues:

— features of requirements to the production of organic agricultural products;

— certification of organic goods production;

— moving from the intensive to organic farming;

— major machinery for the tillage weed control;

— organic project for the Kazakh market;

— umbrella brand Qazaq Organic Food — expansion of the export opportunities;

— organic trading and exports.

In turn, the conference participants will receive more detailed information about the experience of producers and buyers of organic grains and oilseeds, get acquainted with modern technological solutions for the organic farming, and get the best advices from the major experts on possible risks for newcoming producers.

You can receive more detailed information about the conditions of participation in the conference "Qazaq Organic Food: new opportunities & new markets", as well as register, at APK-Inform web-site in the conference section.