In January-May, Kazakhstan exported 2.5 mln tonnes of wheat — Kazstat




In January-May of 2019, Kazakhstan exported 2.5 mln tonnes of wheat and meslin at the general sum of 462.6 mln USD. At the same time, the grain exports in physical terms decreased by 0.6% compared with the same period last year, and in monetary terms — up 18%, reported the Statistics committee under the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan supplied the main volumes of the grain to Uzbekistan (910.1 thsd tonnes), Tajikistan (422 thsd tonnes), Azerbaijan (218.6 thsd tonnes), Turkmenistan (160 thsd tonnes), China (159 thsd tonnes), Afghanistan (133 thsd tonnes), and Turkey (102.6 thsd tonnes). In addition, in the reporting period Kazakhstan exported 91.3 thsd tonnes of wheat to Italy, and 81.7 thsd tonnes — to Russia.

Also, the exports of wheat flour totaled 637 thsd tonnes (down 31.7%) at the sum of 137.6 mln USD (down 22.6%). Afghanistan (384 thsd tonnes) and Uzbekistan (164.3 thsd tonnes) were the main importers of the Kazakh product.

As a reminder, the association of legal entities "Grain Union of Kazakhstan" together with APK-Inform Agency announced the third international conference "KazakhGrainExport 2019", to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 19-20.