Kazakhstan to harvest the minimum volumes of wheat for 7 recent seasons — APK-Inform




APK-Inform analysts reduced the forecast of wheat production in Kazakhstan in 2019/20 MY from 13.7 mln tonnes to 11.3 mln tonnes, which became the lowest figure for 7 recent seasons.

As for barley, the forecast of its production also lowered to 3.9 mln tonnes (down 3% compared with the season-2018/19).

The trend developed, due to the fact that since the beginning of the new MY Kazakhstan faced the long-running harvesting campaign rates, heavy precipitations, and as a result, decreasing of the qualitative characteristics of grains.

In particular, the adverse natural factors affected the estimation of grain yield figures in 2019/20 MY, which according to APK-Inform forecasts will total 1 t/ha only for wheat (down 12% compared with 2018/19 MY), and 1.3 t/ha for barley (down 17.6%), added the analyst of APK-Inform Agency.