In the current season, Russia can produce the maximum volumes of soybeans — APK-Inform




APK-Inform Agency increased the forecast of soybeans production in Russia in 2019 to 4.3 mln tonnes, up 6% compared with the previous record harvest in 2018.

According to the oilseed analyst at APK-Inform Agency, Svitlana Kirichok, in 2019 the planted areas under soybeans in the country for the first time exceeded the level of 3 mln ha. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, as of October 10 agrarians already harvested over 3 mln tonnes of soybeans throughout more than half of the planted areas. At the same time, the average yield in the country demonstrated rather high figures in comparison with the previous years — more than 1.6 t/ha.

APK-Inform analysts can slightly adjust the forecast of soybeans production, because to date, it is impossible to estimate the real condition of crops in Amur oblast, where are located the main areas of soybeans in the Far Eastern District, and which were affected by the adverse weather conditions. Agrarians of the region will start the harvesting works in October only, S.Kirichok added.