For 20 recent years, Ukraine built 64 new oil extraction plants — Ukroliyaprom




Since 1998, Ukraine already constructed 64 new oil extraction enterprises, including 48 large-capacity plants, and 16 terminals for transshipment of oils (because nearly 90% of the product volumes are transported by sea). The industry consumed more than 3 bln USD of investments, and the enterprises continued constantly upgrading, reported the General Director at the association Ukroliyaprom, Stepan Kapshuk to APK-Inform journalists.

According to the expert, the oilseed processing capacities in Ukraine increased from 2.5 mln tonnes in 1998, to 22 mln tonnes in early 2018, or up 8.8 times.

The oilseed processing capacities created in Ukraine allow treating all domestically produced volumes of oilseed crops (soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower seed). At the same time, due to the mass exports of soybeans and rapeseed, the processing capacities remained underutilized, despite the fact that the vegetable oils produced in Ukraine oil (soybean and rapeseed oils), as well as oilseed meals, are in great demand on the global market, especially in the EU. Ukrainian producers and exporters of vegetable oils and oilseed meals can satisfy all supply orders for the products both on the domestic and foreign markets, said the Head of the Association.