Ukraine shipped more than half of flour supplies to the African destination — Millers of Ukraine




For 3 months of 2019/20 MY, the export volumes of flour from Ukraine totaled 79.4 thsd tonnes. At the same time, Ukraine shipped more than half of flour supplies to African countries, reported the Chairman of the auditing committee of the Union "Millers of Ukraine", Serhiy Sakirkin to APK-Inform journalists.

It is a special satisfaction that the positive changes in the geography of Ukrainian exports, which actively developed last year, also remained in the current year. The African destination of flour supplies somewhat increased. And taking into account the Middle East, the reporting destination takes more than half of all flour shipments, S.Sakirkin said.

According to the expert, the shipments of Ukrainian flour to North Korea stabilized, and did not exceed 4 thsd tonnes per month.

Also, the shipments to the United Arab Emirates stabilized, and the monthly volumes reached 5-10 thsd tonnes. It is clear that the country does not consume the whole reporting volumes. But the UAE provides the large-scale transit of Ukrainian flour to other countries. The supplies are realized from the UAE granaries, as well as in the documented way, when the product is immediately sailed to the specified destination, added S.Sakirkin.

You can read more detailed information about development of the Ukrainian flour market in July-September of 2019/20 MY, in the article of S.Sakirkin "Flour market of Ukraine: stable reduction or increase of the "shadow" market?" in the weekly issue Agrimarket Weekly #47 dd. December 2, 2019.