Nearly half of harvested soft wheat in Kazakhstan corresponded to 3-grade grain — SGS




According to the official statistics, as of the end of October 2019 Kazakhstan already harvested more than 99% of grains, e.g. more than 19 mln tonnes (down 20% compared with 2018). The average yield totaled 1.28 t/ha, which was also lower compared with last year. Herewith, nearly 50% of harvested soft wheat were received as 3-grade, whereas the share of 3-grade hard wheat totaled 12.8% only, declared the Head of Laboratory of Ltd SGS Kazakhstan, Oleg Fursov to APK-Inform journalists.

The conditions of grain crops ripening in the current year can be described as uncertain. The summer and the beginning of autumn (till mid-September) were rather dry, and then the weather changed to rains. The weather conditions influenced both the quality and quantity of harvested grains. In particular, in some regions, for example in Kostanay oblast, the summer drought led to the crop failure, the expert explained.

He stressed that the grain, harvested before rains, had rather high protein and gluten content, but the natural weight was low.

You can read more detailed information about the qualitative characteristics of grains of the harvest-2019 in Kazakhstan, in the interview with O.Fursov "Kazakh grains remained attractive for importers — SGS Kazakhstan".