In October 2019, Turkey resumed the imports of Russian sunflower seed — APK-Inform




According to the updated figures of APK-Inform Agency, in October 2019 Turkey resumed the purchases of Russian sunflower seed after two-month break, and imported 24 thsd tonnes of the oilseed.

Decreasing of the prices of sunflower seed in September-October period on the domestic market of Russia (down nearly 3000 RUR/t), due to the large-scale carry-over stocks and significantly increased supply of the new crop oilseed in the reporting period, contributed to establishment of the attractive environment for importers of Russian sunflower seed, and the corresponding growth of shipments. In particular, Russia developed the shipments to Turkey, despite the current import duties in the country at the level of 27%.

As a reminder, in 2018/19 MY Turkey took the first position among countries-importers of Russian sunflower seed, and purchased 207 thsd tonnes of the oilseed in the period of March-July of 2019.