Price rally in the wheat sector and several factors of corn support — Maxigrain




In the current season, the proverb “you can postpone a war, but never a lunch” is true at full capacity for the market of grains, declared the Business Development Manager at Maxigrain S.A., grain market analyst, Elena Neroba, to APK-Inform journalists.

According to her, the lack of supplies of feed grains and the prices rise for meat stimulated the producers of pork, chicken and beef to increase the production, which also means the increase of the demand on feed crops.

She expected for the price rally for wheat, and can see several factors of support from corn market. It is not soybeans, which cannot be used to feed dead Chinese pigs, said E.Neroba, while answering the question about the most profitable crops from the point of view of exports in the current season.

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