In the current season, Russia can increase the exports of soybeans — APK-Inform




According to forecasts of APK-Inform Agency, in terms of keeping of the favourable external market environment in the season-2019/20, the exports of Russian soybeans can reach the level of nearly 1.2 mln tonnes, up 47% compared with last season.

In addition to the active demand of Chinese importers, the record harvest of the oilseed in the country will contribute to formation of the reporting trend, added APK-Inform analysts.

In particular, in October 2019 the exports of soybeans increased compared with September by 10%, and totaled 69 thsd tonnes, which became the second largest figures for October period in the whole contemporary history of the oilseed shipments.

According to the recent statistics figures, in November 2019 Russia continued increasing the export volumes of soybeans, mostly to China, due to the attractive pricing situation, and the large-scale supply of the raw materials on the domestic market. The shipment volumes of soybeans on the export market can reach 75 thsd tonnes, said the oilseed analyst at APK-Inform Agency, Svitlana Kirichok.