Ukraine increased corn exports. How did the sales geography change?




According to APK-Inform estimations, in October-November of 2019/20 MY Ukraine significantly increased the exports of corn, which volumes reached 5.5 mln tonnes, and exceeded the figures in the same period last season by 24%.

For the first two months of the season, China became the main country-importer of Ukrainian corn, and purchased 918.8 thsd tonnes of the grain, up 64% compared with the same period of 2018/19 MY (560.4 thsd tonnes). In the reporting period, Egypt took the second position, and imported 820.5 thsd tonnes of the grain, up 5.5 times (147.8 thsd tonnes).

Also, Turkey and Israel significantly increased the imports of corn from Ukraine. Thus, in the current season Ukraine shipped 301.8 thsd tonnes of corn on the Turkish market (up 2.7 times), and 282.2 thsd tonnes on the Israeli market (up 4.4 times).

At the same time, the supplies of Ukrainian corn reduced in the European direction: in the first two months, the EU countries purchased 2.5 mln tonnes only (down 20%). Thus, the main importers from the region — Spain and the Netherlands — reduced the grain imports by 27% and 9% respectively, compared with the same period last season, to 769.1 thsd tonnes and 621.5 thsd tonnes in absolute terms, respectively. Also, Germany and Italy entered the TOP-10 of importers of Ukrainian corn. The countries reduced the imports by more than 50%, including Germany — from 471.6 thsd tonnes in 2018/19 MY, to 207.6 thsd tonnes in 2019/20 MY, and Italy — from 358.4 thsd tonnes, to 171.9 thsd tonnes. In the list of European countries included in the TOP-10 of importers of Ukrainian corn, only Belgium and Portugal increased the grain imports to 217.2 thsd tonnes and 183.9 thsd tonnes respectively, which exceeded the previous season results by 1.4 and 3.5 times.



So, for the first two months of 2019/20 MY Ukraine shipped 81% of the general exports of corn to the TOP-10 of countries-importers.