Ukraine: APK-Inform Agency increased its estimations of the grain harvest and exports




In December 2019, APK-Inform analysts did not make any significant adjustments to the forecast supply and demand balances of grain crops in Ukraine in 2019. At the same time, the analysts slightly increased their estimations of the harvest of grains and pulses, due to some adjustments of the yield figures the market segment of corn.

In addition, in 2019 the production of corn in Ukraine reached 34.6 mln tonnes, a decrease of 3.3% compared with the harvest figures in 2018.

Also, the general export potential of the grain market in 2019/20 MY increased to 51.8 mln tonnes, up 3.6% compared with the figures in the season-2018/19. In particular, wheat exports will total 18.9 mln tonnes (up 22.3%), barley — 4.8 mln tonnes (up 35.1%), and corn — 27.5 mln tonnes (down 8.5%).