Ukraine increased millet exports in almost 2.5 times — APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform figures, in 2019/20 MY Ukraine significantly increased the exports of millet, and for the period of September-December the shipments already totaled 39 thsd tonnes, up 2.4 times compared with the same level last season (16.4 thsd tonnes). Traditionally, the EU countries were the main importers, including Poland, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands, which jointly purchased nearly 16.1 thsd tonnes of the grain, or 41% of the general supplies.

For 4 months of the season-2019/20, Poland purchased nearly 5.9 thsd tonnes of millet of Ukrainian origin, up 6.2 times compared with September-December period of 2018/19 MY (nearly 1 thsd tonnes). The UK took the second position, and imported 3.8 thsd tonnes of the grain, up 81% compared with the same period last season (2.1 thsd tonnes). In the current season, Germany reduced the purchases of the Ukrainian grain by 20%, and imported 3.6 thsd tonnes, against 4.5 thsd tonnes in the same period last season. In September-December, the supplies to the Netherlands reached 2.8 thsd tonnes (up 40% compared with the same period in 2018/19 MY, 2 thsd tonnes), which provided the fourth position in the list of importers of Ukrainian millet.



Aso, it is worth noting that for the first four months of the current MY Ukraine exported nearly 25.1 thsd tonnes of the grain to the EU, which covered 64% of the general exports of millet from Ukraine, while in the same period of 2018/19 MY the shipments to the EU countries totaled 12.3 thsd tonnes only (75%).

The growth of millet exports from Ukraine mainly developed, due to increasing of the grain production in the current season, which volumes APK-Inform analysts estimated at 159 thsd tonnes, up 2 times compared with 2018/19 MY (80 thsd tonnes). At the same time, the analysts estimated the export potential at the level of 70 thsd tonnes, up 2.8 times compared with the same figures last season (25 thsd tonnes).