APK-Inform increased its estimations of grain harvest in Ukraine in the current season




The recent January adjustments by APK-Inform analysts of the basic items of the supply and demand balances of grain crops resulted in some changes in the preliminary results of the harvest-2019 in Ukraine.

So, the estimations of grain production increased to 75.1 mln tonnes (up 7.2% compared with the figures of 2018/19 MY). In particular, wheat harvest totaled 28.3 mln tonnes (up 15%), barley — 8.9 mln tonnes (up 21.2%), and corn — 35.8 mln tonnes (up 0.1%).

The domestic consumption of grains in 2019/20 MY was estimated at 21 mln tonnes (up 0.4%). In particular, wheat consumption reached 9 mln tonnes (down 1.1%), barley — 3.9 mln tonnes, and corn — 6.6 mln tonnes (up 3.9%).