In the current season, the main buyers of Ukrainian wheat increased the grain purchases — APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform figures, in July-January of 2019/20 MY Ukraine supplied the record volumes of wheat on foreign markets — 15.4 mln tonnes, an increase of 34% compared with the previous season (11.4 mln tonnes). The TOP-5 of regions-importers of the grain included Southeast Asia with the share of 27%, North Africa — nearly 27%, the Middle East — 17%, South Asia — 11%, and East Africa — 7%, while the share of other regions did not exceed 3%.


For 7 months of the current season, the countries of Southeast Asia purchased 4.2 mln tonnes of wheat of Ukrainian origin, down 6% compared with July-January of 2018/19 MY (4.4 mln tonnes). The supplies to North Africa totaled 4.1 mln tonnes, up 49% compared with the last season volumes (2.8 mln tonnes). The Middle East countries increased the purchases of wheat from Ukraine in 2.4 times, and imported 2.7 mln tonnes, against 1.1 mln tonnes in the same period last season. For 7 months of the current MY, the exports to South Asia reached 1.7 mln tonnes of the grain, up 2.1 times compared with the same period in 2018/19 MY (0.8 mln tonnes). Also, Ukraine supplied just over 1 mln tonnes of wheat to East Africa, up 2.5 times compared with the figures of 7 months in 2018/19 MY (0.4 mln tonnes).

Thus, for July-January of 2019/20 MY the share of the five main regions-importers of wheat covered nearly 89% of the general grain exports from Ukraine, while last season the figures totaled 83%.

Firstly, the exports of wheat from Ukraine increased, due to the growth of production volumes in the current season, which APK-Inform analysts estimated at 28.3 mln tonnes (up 15% compared with the figures of 2018/19 MY). At the same time, APK-Inform Agency estimated the export potential of Ukrainian wheat in the current season at the level of 18.9 mln tonnes (up 22%), and for 7 months of the current season the plan was fulfilled at 81%.