Lebanon increased imports of grain from Ukraine by almost 20% in 2019/20 MY




According to APK-Inform, Ukraine exported almost 517 thsd tonnes of grain to Lebanon during July-February 2019/20 MY, up 17% compared to the same period year ago.

Wheat was the main product imported by Lebanon. The country imported 372 thsd tonnes of Ukrainian wheat, up 51% from July-February 2018/19 MY. Shipments of Ukrainian corn to Lebanon were significant too, however, the volumes turned to be lower than year ago – 81 thsd tonnes (-21%). Imports of other grain crops as well as processed products declined by 68% to 6 thsd tonnes.

Supply of Ukrainian grain to Lebanon could be postponed during the rest of the season amid default in Lebanon. In March-June 2018/19, Ukraine exported about 158 thsd tonnes of grain to Lebanon.