This season the share of Ukrainian wheat in total imports to Egypt increased significantly




According to APK-Inform, in July-February, Egypt turned to be the largest importer of Ukrainian wheat moved Indonesia to the second place. Thus, Ukraine shipped 2.7 mln tonnes of wheat to Egypt, up 2.7 times compared to the same period of the previous season (1 mln tonnes) and 40% higher than the total result of 2018/19 MY (1.9 mln tonnes). Thus, the share of Egypt in exports from Ukraine was 8% over 8 months of 2018/19 MY, and it reached 17% within July-February of 2019/20 MY.

Russia is the main competitor for Ukraine on the Egyptian market. According to update data, the country shipped about 8.4 mln tonnes of wheat to Egypt during July-February of 2019/20 MY (+37% to the figure of the same period year ago).

According to USDA, Egypt will import 12.5 mln tonnes of wheat in 2019/20 MY, and Russian and Ukrainian wheat have already covered 11.1 mln tonnes of the forecast during 8 months of the season.

Thus, over the reporting period, the common share of Russian and Ukrainian wheat in total forecasted imports to Egypt reached about 89% while it made up just 58% in the same period year ago.