Forecast of the harvest-2020 from APK-Inform Agency — good expectations




Ukraine continues realizing the spring crops planting campaign, and taking into account the difficult situation, it is necessary to closely estimate the prospects for formation and distribution of the future harvest. Therefore, APK-Inform analysts updated their forecasts, while analyzing the economic and agro-climatic factors on the market.

As for APK-Inform forecasts for the future harvest, they are quite optimistic. The first estimations provided the figures of 95 mln tonnes of the general production of grains and oilseeds. The volumes include 72.2 mln tonnes of grains and 22.8 mln tonnes of oilseeds. As for the foreign supplies, APK-Inform Agency estimated the export potential of the grain segment in the new season at 52.3 mln tonnes, as well as the supplies of the key product in the oilseed segment — sunflower oil — can reach 6 mln tonnes, reported the Head of the information department at APK-Inform Agency, Andriy Kupchenko, in his video-comment.