Ukraine: downward dynamics of groats and flakes exports — APK-Inform




For three recent years, Ukraine demonstrated the downward trend in the export trading of groats and flakes. According to estimations of APK-Inform Agency, in 2019 Ukraine supplied nearly 25.3 thsd tonnes of the products only on foreign markets, a decrease of 26% compared with 2018 (34 thsd tonnes), and down 46% compared with the shipment volumes in 2017 (47.1 thsd tonnes).

In terms of reduction of the exports of groats and flakes, Ukraine also changed the list of key countries-importers. If in 2018 the TOP-3 of importers included Belarus (11.3 thsd tonnes), Poland (6.9 thsd tonnes) and Costa Rica (6.4 thsd tonnes), then in 2019 the list of main buyers included Poland, which purchased 6.7 thsd tonnes of Ukrainian groats and flakes, Egypt — 5.1 thsd tonnes, and Moldova — 4.9 thsd tonnes. At the same time, in 2019 Poland and Egypt reduced the volumes of purchases by 3% and 15%, respectively, compared with the figures of 2018, but Moldova increased the imports by 7%. Belarus, which was the leader among importers in 2018, took the fifth position only in 2019, and purchased 4.7 thsd tonnes of the Ukrainian products only.