In 2020, Ukraine to increase the planted areas under spring crops, at the expense of corn and sunflower seed — APK-Inform




In Ukraine, there was fixed some decreasing of the planted areas under winter grains for the harvest-2020, as well as increasing of its losses. Also, rapeseed areas demonstrated the similar trend, which contributes to the further growth of the spring areas, declared the Head of the information department at APK-Inform Agency, Andriy Kupchenko, on April 10, during his speech within the online-conference "Harvest-2020: whether the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex is ready for challenges of the pandemic?".

At the same time, corn and sunflower seed will make the major contribution in the reporting upward trend of spring crop areas.

According to APK-Inform estimations, the planted areas under corn in Ukraine will reach 5.25 mln ha, up 250 thsd ha compared with 2019. The grain will remain the most marginal crop in the country. Moreover, the modern seed fund allows minimizing the risks of reducing the yield figures in terms of the adverse weather conditions, the expert concluded.

In addition, APK-Inform analysts expected for 3-5% growth of the planted areas under sunflower seed in 2020 — to 6.2-6.3 mln ha.