Uzbekistan extending area under oilseeds - Uzyogmoysanoat




Households of Uzbekistan are increasing production of oilseeds extending the area under soybean and sunflower seed, declared Kamar Serkaev, deputy chairman of the board with Association of fat & oil enterprises of Uzbekistan “Uzyogmoysanoat”, Doctor of Engineering, within Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent 2021.

“In 2021, the area under oilseeds totaled 305 thsd ha in Uzbekistan. Soybean and sunflower seed are the main cultivated crops. The area under soybean is 140 thsd ha, under sunflower seed - 112 thsd ha”, - the expert said.

He noted that there was a decision on intensive extension of oilseeds’ area in Uzbekistan. The planted area under soybean should reach 166 thsd ha, under sunflower seed - 130 thsd ha by 2026.

“It will let to increase oilseeds’ production. This year, soybean crop is expected at 200 thsd tonnes, sunflower seed - 170 thsd tonnes. These volumes can reach 290 thsd tonnes and 230 thsd tonnes correspondingly in 2026”, - K. Serkaev forecast.