Ukrainian producers of agricultural equipment strengthening cooperation with Central Asia




The development of the international cooperation in the agricultural sector between Ukraine and the Central Asia is one of the most fast-moving and top-priority areas.

A conference project Asia Grains&Oils Conference organized by APK-Inform in partnership with the companies Expo Time (Kazakhstan), Inter Standart Consult (Uzbekistan) and Central Asia Trade House (Kazakhstan) promotes the development of international cooperation between Ukrainian suppliers of products and equipment for processing and storage of agricultural products and Kazakh and Uzbek companies.

The large-scale conference Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent that was held in Uzbekistan in September gathered more than 280 delegates from 15 countries indulging 68 companies from Uzbekistan, who are the direct buyers of grain and oilseed products! Moreover, the event was attended by about 70 companies from Kazakhstan, who is the main supplier of agricultural products to Uzbekistan.   

Delegation from Ukraine also visited the conference. It included such companies as APK-Inform, Brightford LTD, Khorolskiy Mechanical Plant, Kotloenergoproject, ТАN, TEFF, VEKTOR Company Group, Viktor & Co. the delegation was headed by the Ukrainian Embassy to Uzbekistan.

As a result of a meeting within Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Tashkent, the heads of the companies Central Asia Trade House, VEKTOR Company Group, Kotloenergoproject, APK-Inform signed a Memorandum on cooperation aiming at development and strengthening of international cooperation in fat-and-oil industry and agricultural sector in general between Ukraine and the countries of the Central Asia.

«By signing the Memorandum, the parties confirm that the interests of each of them correspond to joint and coordinated cooperation on the implementation of projects to improve innovations in the fat-and-oil industry and the agro-industrial complex in general in order to achieve high-quality food products to provide the population with quality food, creation of a sustainable energy market and implementation of the Food Security Program in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan on the basis of sustainable competitive agricultural production”, – the document says.

The second part of the meeting and negotiations between Ukrainian engineers and their partners from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will take place at the conference Asia Grains&Oils Conference in Qazaqstan (November 17-18, Nur-Sultan). Summarizing the results of the conference, there will be Roundtable “Experience of Ukraine in development of agricultural complex by means of advanced technologies” on November 18. Kazakh and Uzbek companies interested in modernization of the existing production capacities or construction of the new plants are invited to attend the roundtable. Additionally, the roundtable will be attended by the representatives of the Uzbek Embassy to Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, industry associations of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Ukrainian delegation will be presented by APK-Inform, Kotloenergoproject, VEKTOR Company Group, Khorolskiy Mechanical Plant, TAN. The delegation will be headed by the Ukrainian Embassy to Kazakhstan.