Kazakhstan to produce 620 thsd tonnes of meals/cakes this season – National Association of Oilseeds Processors




According to the National Association of Oilseeds Processors of Kazakhstan, the country will produce 618-620 thsd tonnes of oilseed meals and cakes in 2021/22 MY, declared Yadykar Ibragimov, Chairman of the association within Asia Grains Oils Conferance in Qazaqstan.

“Sunflower and soybean meals/cakes account for the main share of the overall production volume due to the mass consumption of sunflower and soybean oil. Sunflower seed processing capacities are the most widely spread in Kazakhstan”, – he said.

Meals/cakes consumption totals about 2 mln tonnes in the Central Asia. The deficit is higher than 250 thsd tonnes, as some countries of the region do not cultivate the sufficient volumes of sunflower seed and soybean.