Ukraine continue decreasing share of imported seeds in seeds fund – APK-Inform




Ukraine continue decreasing a share of imported seeds of the major crops in the seeds fund, declared Andriy Kupchenko, Head of Business projects unit at APK-Inform within Seed Forum – 2021 on December 2.

“Ukraine imported 38.8 thsd tonnes of seeds in January-October 2021. There will be some imports through 2021. However, we can already see the decline of volume and decrease of the share of imported seeds in Ukrainian fund to 2%. In 2017-2019, this share was 3% and imported volumes amounted to 65-69 thsd tonnes”, – he said.

He share of imported seeds remain large in segments of sunflower, corn and rapeseed. Ukraine bought 18.8 thsd tonnes of sunflower seeds in January-October 2021. This volume exceeded 20 thsd tonnes in 2020, while it was 23-24.3 thsd tonnes in 2017-2019.

Import of corn seeds is declining in the same way. It was 34-36 thsd tonnes in 2017-2019, 23 thsd tonnes in 2020 and only 14 thsd tonnes so far in 2021.

“It happened despite the consolidation of planted areas under corn and sunflower in Ukraine that raises the demand for seeds of these crops. Ukraine planed the record 6.5 mln ha with sunflower in 2021”, – A. Kupchenko said.

He added that the main factors influencing the development of seeds segment of Ukraine include climate changes requiring a wide range of adapted varieties. Localization of seeds production allows Ukraine restoring its export potential.