Import of sunflower and corn seeds to Ukraine for planting campaign-2022 lower than year ago – APK-Inform




According to the Customs Service of Ukraine, in November-December 2021, the country imported 6.5 thsd tonnes of sunflower and corn seeds, down 25% y/y. Sunflower seeds import decreased by 16% and corn seeds purchases were down 33%.

Traditionally, import of these seeds increases in November-December. In two previous seasons, the average share of sunflower and corn seeds import amounted to 22% of the overall seasonal import.

Probably, lower purchases are based on higher production of these seeds in Ukraine as well as unclear prospects of next planting campaign amid a sharp growth of inputs prices.

You can get more detailed information about the formation of seeds fund for the next planting campaign in Ukraine at an international conference Seed Forum 2022, which will be held on February 14 in Kyiv.