Indicative prices of Ukrainian grain decreased despite expected uptrend – APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform, the indicative prices of major grains remained quite stable on FOB market last week, however, they eased by the end of the reporting period.

“Indicative prices of grains decreased slightly, despite expected upward price trend amid unblocking of Odesa ports. Current slow export pace and excessive domestic stocks pressured the prices. Attempts to improve competitiveness of Ukrainian grain and balance local and global prices weighted on them as well”, – head of local markets with APK-Inform Anna Tanskaya said.

At the same time, export by alternative routes remained limited by logistic problems that aggravated amid peak season in the EU that added pressure.

The prices decreased slightly and not more than by 5 USD/t. The indicative offer prices of 12.5%, 11.5% and feed wheat declined to 350-370, 345-365, 315-335 USD/t FOB Black Sea (August-September), barley – to 310-325 USD/t FOB, corn – 320-335 USD/t FOB.

‘Probably, the FOB prices will decline, when the new contracts will be signed and new ships will arrive for Ukrainian grain amid high freight rates and high risks that limit the importers’ demand and raise concern among ship-owners”, – she added.  

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