Kazakhstan increased sunflower oil production in 2022




Production of crude sunflower oil increased by 2 times y/y in Kazakhstan in 2022, Chairman of the Board of the National Oilseeds Processors Association Yadykar Ibragimov told to APK-Inform.

“In 2021, Kazakh oil extraction plants produced 183.6 thsd tonnes of crude sunflower oil. In 2022, according to official data by the end of November, they produced 337.6 thsd tonnes of the product. According to the Association, this figure, taking into account December, will double the results of 2021”, – he said.

The production of refined sunflower oil will also increase in Kazakhstan. It amounted to 150.3 thsd tonnes by the end of November and, according to NOPA’s forecast, it will exceed the figure of 2021 by at least 12% by the end of 2022.

Currently, 70% of Kazakhstan's need for bottled oil is provided by domestic production, that is, the share of imports does not exceed 30%.

“In 2022, we increased the refining capacity by 13%, or by 37.29 thsd tonnes. The plan for 2023 is 46.2 thsd tonnes, for 2024 – 66 thsd tonnes. The total capacity will be about 435 thsd tonnes, which will allow to fully meet the needs of the domestic market, and also to export the surplus. But in order to increase the volume of production, it is necessary to have raw materials, which is in short supply”, – Y. Ibrahimov emphasized.