Kiev will become a center of Fresh Produce Businesses' Attention on December 5-6, 2006




Around 400 leaders of East European Fresh Produce Business are planning to gather in Kiev in early December 2006 to learn about production and market trends for 2007 during the Third International Conference "Fruits and Vegetables of Ukraine - 2006. Open Market"

Ukraine has the fastest growing economy among all European countries and the Fresh Produce Business of Ukraine represents the fastest growing sector of Ukraine's economy demonstrating an impressive 40% annual growth rate. Ukraine has been actively opening its market, reducing import duties for fresh and processed Fruits & Vegetables very sharply (f.e. import duty for apples has been lowered to 5%, representing a reduction by 50-80 times!). Ukrainian growers have received around US $2.7bn in revenues in 2005 from the sales of fruits, vegetables and potatoes produced, while importers have at least doubled their shipments to Ukraine.

During just three years fruit & vegetable processing industry has grown from around 15 representatives to over 100 companies, many of which have increased their capacities substantially every year. Companies from Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Holland, Russia and other counties have been actively investing in fruit & vegetable processing, trying to take advantage of Ukraine's strategic location and huge production potential.

In 2006 Ukraine has appeared on the map of Europe as a major supplier of fresh vegetables, as it exported first large shipments of bell peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, watermelons and other fresh products to the EU. Ukraine also continues to build its presence on the Russian market of canned fruits & vegetables remaining a key supplier for this huge country.

Ukraine's unique climatic conditions (from subtropical in Crimea to continental in the Northern Ukraine) allow it to grow a wide range of different fruits, vegetables and berries, including luxurious early and late production opportunities. Ukraine presently has more than 1mn ha of irrigated land and one of the largest areas under drip irrigation in Europe.

Being the largest country in Europe (slightly larger than France), Ukraine is well know for its fertile agricultural soils, which comprise more than 40mn ha (twice as much as in France and more than in France and Germany put together). This all attracts a lot of farmers and entrepreneurs from the EU countries, as well as from the US, Canada, Australia and even South America to Ukraine. Some of them decide to stay and farm in Ukraine, contributing the rapid overall agricultural growth. Most of their interest is devoted to production of fruits & vegetables, as average annual return on investments in this sector is estimated at 120-200%.

Certainly, this luxurious market is of a high interest to the key international suppliers of inputs and equipment, and thus, most international seed, chemical, machinery and drip irrigation suppliers are well represented in Ukraine with branches in different parts of the country. However, rapidly growing demand for modern cold storage facilities, post-harvest handling and packing equipment as well as ag machinery for fruit & vegetable cultivation and harvesting continues to exceed demand. There is still a lot of room for new players on this market.

Annual Conferences organized by the Ukraine fresh produce industry magazine "Ahroohliad: ovochi ta frukty" has already become a traditional meeting place for most of the largest growers, processors, input and equipment suppliers, importers, exporters and distributors as well as fresh produce departments of top supermarket chains.

"A good mix of leading independent Ukrainian market analysts with representatives of largest local, foreign and international fresh produce businesses speaking at the conference with many opportunities for interactive discussions in a hospitable and beautiful city of Kiev at the time, when most growers have money on their accounts and traders and processors have produce in their warehouses is what makes this event one of the most important, and remarkable Fresh Produce Industry events of Eastern Europe" - says Andriy Yarmak, independent fruit & vegetable business analyst of Ukraine and Russia, who has spoke at two previous conferences. "What started like a Conference just two years has also now evolved into a major Exhibition with around 150 companies expected to exhibit their produce and more than 5,000 expected to visit in 2006. And it is not surprising, as, on top of all of the above-mentioned benefits, costs of the conference as well as costs of the expo space at this event are probably the lowest in Europe, which helps makes it a very efficient event for all participants" - adds Andriy Yarmak.

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