In October, Russian ports increased export of oilseeds and by-products by 1.8 times




According to the monitoring of APK-Inform, in the period of October 1-31, 2020, the export volumes of oilseeds and by-products from the Russian sea and river ports reached 560 thsd tonnes, up by 1.8 times compared with the previous month volumes (309 thsd tonnes, taking into account the updated figures).

The shipment volumes of sunflower by-products formed the major share in the structure of supplies, and totaled 431 thsd tonnes, including 158 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil. The export of sunflower meal totaled 87 thsd tonnes (up 2.1 time) and the export of sunflower seeds totaled 186 thsd tonnes (up 9.6 times).

Export of soybean and by-products reached 118 thsd tonnes, including 50 thsd tonnes of soybean oil (-16%), 58 thsd tonnes of soybean meal (-9%) and 10 thsd tonnes of soybeans (-10%).

Shipments of rapeseed and by-products totaled 11 thsd tonnes, including 3 thsd tonnes of rapeseed (-17%), 8 thsd tonnes of rapeseed meal (up 2 times). There was no export of rapeseed oil in October.

Turkey (151.6 thsd tonnes), Bulgaria (118.9 thsd tonnes) and India (38 thsd tonnes) were the main destination for Russian oilseeds and by-products in October.

Since the beginning of a current season, Rostov-on-Don port has been a leader of foreign shipments of oilseeds and by-products (293 thsd tonnes). Taman port took the second position with its shipment volumes at 97 thsd tonnes, and Kaliningrad port took the third position — 72 thsd tonnes.