APK-Inform is an information-analytical agency that informs its readers about the latest agribusiness news and is a leader in the market of consulting services in Ukraine and other CIS countries. It also describes events in the field of agriculture that have taken place around the world. Thanks to us, owners of large agricultural enterprises and agricultural workers will be able to optimize production and achieve maximum results in their field.

APK-Inform news

News of agro-industrial complex Ukraine reveals the urgency of important problems of the world economic and agricultural market. The agency not only publishes up-to-date information, but also interacts with readers through e-mail and conferences. In the "Agency News" section, users can find material from the following industries:

  • Grain market in Ukraine and its importance on the international agricultural platform.
  • Export potential of the CIS countries.
  • World agroconferences on the oil and grain industry.
  • Fluctuations in weather conditions, how they affect the percentage of yields in Ukraine and other CIS countries.
  • Pricing policy in the oil products market.

In addition to publishing interesting material, the agency also makes its own forecasts on current issues, which allows readers to assess the risks and adjust the work of its agro-industrial enterprises.
On the site you can find interesting news APK-Inform for a certain period, using the search bar.

Target audience of the section

Agrarian news from the agro-industrial complex will be primarily interesting:

  • heads of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises;
  • agricultural producers;
  • managers of trading companies;
  • workers in the field of agrochemistry;
  • employees of companies that provide logistics services;
  • manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment for grain processing.

The geography of our target audience is distributed as follows:

  • 55% are Ukrainian users.
  • 40% users from CIS;
  • 5% far abroad.

Our readers can get acquainted with interesting material and spread it on the social network to pass information to others. The analytical agency aims to provide only verified material and forecasts from the original source, so here you do not risk getting false information and false data on the development of the agrosphere.