Ukraine to become one of the largest grain exporters in the world – AgroGeneration




Ukraine may increase the general grain production to 130-180 mln tonnes per year, and become the largest grain exporter in the world. The agricultural sector needs nearly 5-10 bln USD of annual investments for the purpose, declared John Shmorhun, General Director at the company AgroGeneration.

According to him, profit return, preferential VAT regime, subsidies from the government and foreign investments form the main sources of funding for the agro-industrial complex. So, in 2014 the foreign direct investment inflow in agriculture, forestry and fishery of Ukraine decreased by more than 30% compared with the same index as of the beginning of the year.

According to J.Shmorhun, it is necessary to focus on reducing the cost of maintenance of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, cancel the "manual" regime of subsidies, and avoid from inefficient investment of the public funds, in order to increase the inflow of investments.