Ukraine: in 2017, Nika-Tera shipped 2.6 mln tonnes of grain cargoes




In 2017, the sea terminal Nika-Tera (Sea Special Port Nika-Tera LLC, Mykolaiv, part of Group DF) processed 229 vessels, and shipped 4.17 mln tonnes of cargoes, an increase of 4% compared with the previous year volumes. In particular, the share of grain cargoes totaled 62.4% in the general supplies, and their shipment volumes totaled over 2.6 mln tonnes (up 7%), declared the press-service of Group DF on January 31.

At the same time, the stable dynamics of the growth of agricultural crops transshipment in 2017 is the result of system-based investments, as well as establishment of a new operating and management model of the port work, reported the port chief, Alim Agakishiev.

In 2017, investments in development and modernization of the port capacities totaled 286 mln UAH. Last year, the port managed to launch of a modern complex for liquid bulk cargoes transshipment and put into operation an additional loading machine of the grain complex, with the capacities at 1.5 thsd tonnes per hour. Such operations allowed significantly increasing the port competitiveness and enlarging the crops turnover. Last year, the port's share in grain transshipment in the region totaled 23%. So, Nika-Tera covered almost every fourth tonne of grains exported by port operators of Mykolaiv oblast, said A.Agakishiev.

Also, in 2017 Nika-Tera started working with peas for the first time, and shipped nearly 170 thsd tonnes of the crop, or 53% of the general volume of peas among all ports of Ukraine. Transshipment of corn increased by 14.7%, and totaled 1.3 mln tonnes.